About Me

I come from a family of doctors and nurses, so I was always comfortable
with medical terminology.

I began working in the Medical Division of Little, Brown and Company,
where I received thorough training in editing, proofreading, and
supervising the production of medical, nursing, and allied health books.

When I decided to leave my in-house job to freelance, the first project I
was offered was an index. Though I had edited many indexes, I had
never created one from scratch, but it sounded intriguing.  So I accepted
the project and discovered that I really enjoyed indexing, and the rest is

I have been working on my own for the past 25+ years, during which
time I raised two amazing children to adulthood and played lots of music
on the side.  I like to think that my life has a good balance between my
creative side and my organizational side, so that both are nourished.  I
think that indexing provides a bit of both.
Newman Indexing
781-397-0384   nancy@newmanindexing.com